What Motivates You?


OMG you all, my eyes are FIRE right now! I literally woke up at 4:30am with tons on my mind and had to get out of bed to get things down and get to learning some skills that I have wanted to really pick up. Today is a travel day too along with a big day tomorrow.

Nonetheless, I had a quick talk with one of my colleagues on what motivates me. Here in this quick audio clip that I literally made in my bed here inside the hotel (sleep deprived and all), I wanted to think out loud with you on that particular thought. While it may be wise for me to wait until I was around my better audio equipment AND perhaps be better rested, I figured F*** it; I rather just do it now and put out some content seeing that it literally has been 17 days since my last. I know my schedule gets busy and crazy from time to time, but I cannot allow that to slow me down.

Nonetheless, this is a fairly quick listen. More importantly, I would like to know what motivates you! So feel free to share with me your thoughts and hopefully the audio quality to your ears is decent enough.

Have a GREAT night everyone! 🙂

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