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Good Sunday morning! I finally figured out what I needed to do to get audio back up, so problem solved! I appreciate the security measures, so cannot make the argument there.

Nonetheless, this is a few days late out of the gate of what I wanted to post – regardless, it’s here. I hope you all had a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving with family and friends! Speak to you all soon because it’s time to head downstairs and get started on some leftovers! Yes. During breakfast. It’s always the right time.

Hmm… interesting political posts as of late. We go through the same thing every 4 years. One doesn’t trust the media. Yet from what the media shows them, we classify all of them the same: corrupt and call them clowns. Nobody under the scrutiny will ever be worthy, yourself included. You likely never met the candidate nor know them personally, so it’s hard to say. So do you simply make a choice of no choice? That’s foolish. Use your best judgement with people skills and view their track record. Make an educated decision. Vote. THEN HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE. That simple. Don’t trust any of them? Then you take the task. And watch how you’ll be called corrupt and a clown and we’ll see if you have the grit and courage to push forward. I dare those who choose to not fulfill their duty as a citizen to serve. 👏🏽

Where or where do I even start?! FaceBook has been on a tear here recently and we thought it would be a GREAT time to stop and really read/think through the message behind the message. I had a quick opening to have a conversation regarding this very topic with my friend Makua and I think you’ll certainly love the fun banter alongside points made. No editing aside from trimming and getting right to it! Take a listen and would LOVE to hear your feedback whether you agree or disagree alongside any points you think we have missed!

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It’s been a crazy year and just when I suspected December would be its normal, calmer month for work – (outside Retail) as all things 2020 – it’s certainly not the case.

I’ll have a whole conversation on this tomorrow but also didn’t want to wait to post as this is pretty important. Rene Ritchie did an exceptional job discussing this a bit. Basically FaceBook is pissed about Apple’s transparency and decided to go the Epic route.

Certainly take a look at Rene’s video here and I’ll certainly be following up with some thoughts tomorrow evening:

Good Tuesday morning coming to you from north of Atlanta! I hope everyone had a chance to vote early, however, if you did not, today is the day! Elections always matter and they truly do shape the future. It’s up to us today to do our civic duty to show our true patriotism and vote for those you believe would help uphold our morals and values. Even if we disagree, we all believe in democracy and this/us is America!

Side note: You know drinks and streaming from #Twitter will be happening this evening! #Vote #HappyElectionDay

Good morning 🌞☀️😃 🗳!!!

Good evening and it has been quite a while and a turbulent journey. Nonetheless, I’m certainly back and have a bit I want to discuss.

It’s late here in North Atlanta on October 19th and looking forward to posting tomorrow, so stay tuned! I simply wanted to pop-in as it’s been a hot minute.