Does your phone REALLY make you feel all that good? /CNET Article by Chris M.

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From the time we wake up until the time we go to bed, there’s that one magical “thing” that we reach for first and set down last. Can you quickly guess what that is? Of course you can! Our phones, duh! I am even reluctant to call them “smartphones” seeing that it’s pretty much the majority out there to begin with. Well, at least in North America.

I read a great article earlier this year that I really wanted to reference this morning with you all in thought. You see, many argue that the phone is the crippling of society. I feel, on the other hand, it can truly be empowering. Like anything else in life, even too much of a good thing can be bad. (eg. Water, food, and exercise) So when’s enough, enough? When have we gone overboard and how do we know that we are truly addicted?

Chris Matyszczyk wrote a good article back in Jan. 2nd, 2018 (attached above) and I wanted to read with you all some excerpts from the article and discuss aloud. As always, please share your thoughts here or in social media. Happy Listening on this nice Saturday!

Here we are on January 1st, 2018. The best way to kick off the new year is to get right to it. Without further ado, I am posting my thoughts here and why I’m getting this kicked off. There will be a bit to learn as I navigate uncharted waters for me but no worries. Committed and looking forward to a GREAT 2018!

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I wanted to do a quick podcast on my thoughts regarding the wearable segment. I am finding many people are polarized and it seems as if it is a solution looking for a problem for many. Are you using it for fitness? Notifications? Perhaps very specific app(s) that you feel you couldn’t do without on your wrist? Take a listen and please share your personal thoughts on wearables. I would like to know do you wear one (or not) and if so,  what do you utilize most? If not, what would it take to get you to wear one?

Podcast (audio) Show Notes:

Credit Cards Signature Departure:

  • As of April 13th, American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover set in motion the demise of the signature. 
  • Why does that matter? 
    • Most stopped requiring signatures for smaller purchases back as early as 2010. 
    • It is still up to the merchants if they want to require a signature on purchases moving forward: Walmart and Target will start phasing them out later this month in April while some like Square will still require signatures for the time being.
    • They all aren’t necessarily using the same strategy to phase them out as well: American Express is eliminating this around the world. Visa is optional in North America only for merchants that have upgraded to chip systems. MasterCard have waved goodbye to North America and Canada, which, really is still a part of North America. 🙂 Then there is Discover who won’t need signature in North America, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. Makes sense for the major impact in North America seeing that we are the world’s slowest at adopting better, more secure systems such as Chip and Pin, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, and Apple Pay.
  • What are better, more secure options? Will chip and pin really be dominate and aren’t signatures more secure?
    • Chip and pin has been around since the EMV what we more so know today was written in 1993 and 1994. 
    • North America has been the slowest in a fast paced, 1st world to really adopt this technology.
    • Samsung Pay, Google Pay, and Apple Pay are the better options for the near future. 
      • Even our White House Cyber Security Summit has signed off on Apple Pay along with it’s confidence on the platform being highly secure. 
      • All of these systems mentioned support NFC (or near field communication) and you must authenticate with your fingerprint such as Touch ID, or even Face ID on the newer Apple iPhone X.
      • Sticking to Apple Pay due to Apple’s security standards, they do not save your transactions on their servers. You can see the most recent transactions under wallet though for reference. 
      • Specifically, this system is token based. The way that it works is the payments are secured by a created token that replaces your actual credit card number(s). The DAN, or Device Account Number, is assigned, encrypted, and stored in a secure enclave (which is it’s own dedicated chip) and that token is passed from the device to the retailer. The retailer NEVER has access to your card details, which is why some merchants actually don’t support Apple Pay and the others. Walmart, for example, pushes Current C, which is provided by MCX which JP Morgan Chase purchased back in 2017 which is QR Code based and offered an alternative. 

JPMorgan Chase buying up MCX technology after Apple Pay competitor CurrentC failed to launch


OMG you all, my eyes are FIRE right now! I literally woke up at 4:30am with tons on my mind and had to get out of bed to get things down and get to learning some skills that I have wanted to really pick up. Today is a travel day too along with a big day tomorrow.

Nonetheless, I had a quick talk with one of my colleagues on what motivates me. Here in this quick audio clip that I literally made in my bed here inside the hotel (sleep deprived and all), I wanted to think out loud with you on that particular thought. While it may be wise for me to wait until I was around my better audio equipment AND perhaps be better rested, I figured F*** it; I rather just do it now and put out some content seeing that it literally has been 17 days since my last. I know my schedule gets busy and crazy from time to time, but I cannot allow that to slow me down.

Nonetheless, this is a fairly quick listen. More importantly, I would like to know what motivates you! So feel free to share with me your thoughts and hopefully the audio quality to your ears is decent enough.

Have a GREAT night everyone! 🙂

41Y7WTKH8KL._SY450_Ahhhh… My VERY first smartphone that I owned and bought BEFORE you could get it here in the United States. I was OBSESSED! Even then, I don’t think that word begins to describe how strongly I felt about Nokia phones in the day.

3446_05During this particular podcast, we wanted to not only wish the one and only Steve Jobs (bless up) a Happy Birthday, but cover his polarizing character while showing appreciation for what he has done for the technology industry. As you see above, at the time, I was heavily involved in Nokia and had two phones: the Nokia 7710 and Nokia N95 8GB Edition. At the time, they were far ahead of the game.

51Vme0c5GRLLooking back from today’s standpoint, not only was Nokia truly ahead, but they were also damned to trip up from too many chefs in the kitchen. A shame really; they were far ahead of their time while also not being willing to get out of their own way.

Without further ado, enjoy the audio and let me know what you think as well in the comments. Have a GREAT Friday everyone!

Here, we explore the pros and cons of social media and why myself and Kilian believe it is a necessary tool in today’s society. We look into the hopefully future along with the fears social media tends to break out during debates.

Where do you stand? Explore with us and remember to share your thoughts on these topics! Enjoy!