Today’s the day. No, not the type of day Dexter sees ahead (or night for him) but more so a day that I REALLY get things started. I have been wanting to do a Podcast for quite some time. As an avid listener, I often find myself talking in the car towards the Podcast while certainly entertaining my fellow professional traffic sitters here in Atlanta. I’ve said for years “…I wish I were a part of this conversation!” and yet, never took action.

Today is where that ALL changes. No longer will I just sit and consume. I have taken for years and rarely ever contributed back. I spent quite a bit of time on social media wasting time in debates without really putting effort forward to bring minds together instead of trying (not as a troll!) to outsmart or outwit other individuals. Perhaps this speaks to what many feel about my generation: the perception we are lazy, entitled and truly don’t understand struggle or value in hard work. I assure you many of us are quite the opposite. Our main expectation is that yes, we want to change the world and work on things bigger than ourselves. The problem is most of us just haven’t quite figured out how to do it.

So please, if you will, take this journey with me. I have my own perception and views, however, it is heavily influenced by experiences that many of us share. Yet, we have different vantage points that skew our perception towards one way or another. My goal here is to get those thoughts out and move us, the world, forward together. One thought at a time. All while being open, honest, taking a stance, and admitting when somebody has made an impact on my view and helping me to grow. I much rather focus on bringing us together than dividing in such a way that perhaps you will say to yourself… Ha! Those conspicuous Millennials… (insert smiley emoji)