I wanted to take time out today to really think 🤔💭 about why Memorial Day really matters. While it has started (and still is) about those who have fallen, I wanted to openly discuss how their personal sacrifices have given us opportunities beyond what we deserve. Even those of us who haven’t served have opportunities everyday to honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

Please take a listen and share with me your thoughts!


We’re always trying to put our best foot/image forward. You really never see somebody putting out a vulnerable photo on Instagram, for example. And yet, for many of us, we don’t really give our personal branding the thought and effort we deserve.

Today, I talk about why personal brand matters and what we should consider. It’s one of those interesting topics where many things are subjective and yet without it, we are doomed to blend in and never stand out while fading away in the background.

Please, as always, share your thoughts here, LinkedIn, Google+, or Twitter. I would love your input/suggestions/thoughts. In the near future I will have on guests that will openly discuss future topics to make things more interesting. 🙂 (insert emoji!)