Where or where do I even start?! FaceBook has been on a tear here recently and we thought it would be a GREAT time to stop and really read/think through the message behind the message. I had a quick opening to have a conversation regarding this very topic with my friend Makua and I think you’ll certainly love the fun banter alongside points made. No editing aside from trimming and getting right to it! Take a listen and would LOVE to hear your feedback whether you agree or disagree alongside any points you think we have missed!

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It’s been a crazy year and just when I suspected December would be its normal, calmer month for work – (outside Retail) as all things 2020 – it’s certainly not the case.

I’ll have a whole conversation on this tomorrow but also didn’t want to wait to post as this is pretty important. Rene Ritchie did an exceptional job discussing this a bit. Basically FaceBook is pissed about Apple’s transparency and decided to go the Epic route.

Certainly take a look at Rene’s video here and I’ll certainly be following up with some thoughts tomorrow evening:



Been a pretty long time since I have uploaded any content! So I at the very last minute decided it was time to tackle a few topics.

I was fortunate enough to have Jermey Thompson join me to discuss a few topics:

  • Moderators who have to view online, flagged content and the affects on their mental health
  • Nike Betsy Ross controversy
  • Free Speech online

I hope you enjoy and after you listen, I would absolutely ❤️ for you to share your thoughts here or via 📧 or iMessage at: Terrance.Blount@gmail.com

Of course there’s Twitter too: @Terrance_Blount