Well… it’s official! The two have been dating for some time and now have become engaged! At least as long as Dad Mr. Justice Department doesn’t decided to object last minute that is.

The Justice Department has until June 21st to squash the due to an appeal process that could stifle the situation. The Judge already vocally asked that they not seeing it would be a low blow.

Very dicey situation, however, remember most of what we feel one way or another is speculation. In the meantime, take a listen and please share with me your thoughts on the matter. Do you think this merger would benefit companies and customers? Or do you feel AT&T will offer no real value and directly slow down profession within the industry?


Today on June 11th marked the end of an era with Net Neutrality. I wanted to share some thoughts and insights as to why I see this as a setback and personally not buying into the innovation narrative.

Take a listen, become knowledge on the topic, and please share with me your thoughts on the matter. I’m not one to fear monger although in this case the past hasn’t been customer friendly to say the least. Please share your feedback as always and I hope you enjoy the show. 😎 ✌🏽


My last thoughts πŸ’­ within the series turns my attention to macOS Mojave and what this means for creatives along with everyday users. I originally thought this would be quick and dirty, only to find there’s much to be discovered here.

Apple makes it clear their ❀️ indeed is within the Mac πŸ–₯ πŸ’» platform. There have been many rumors of integration and complete merging of their platforms. This couldn’t be further from their vision.

From new features like dark mode to security and privacy that indirectly calls out companies such as Facebook, they are on a journey that ultimately will impact us all. Join me here with Those Conspicuous Millennials, and as always, share your thoughts!


This was the keynote with the least updates, yet very intriguing. Not only are we watching to see how they really view the in-home experience(s), but also how they work with their stakeholders as their competitors.

Again, I do my best to high level most announcements while giving some thought to what was shared vs. what wasn’t. This space will continue to heat up and gain competitiveness steam as it matures. The question is: who will own the living room space? Chime in and share your thoughts πŸ’­ !