Good evening and it has been quite a while and a turbulent journey. Nonetheless, I’m certainly back and have a bit I want to discuss.

It’s late here in North Atlanta on October 19th and looking forward to posting tomorrow, so stay tuned! I simply wanted to pop-in as it’s been a hot minute.

Hmm… interesting political posts as of late. We go through the same thing every 4 years. One doesn’t trust the media. Yet from what the media shows them, we classify all of them the same: corrupt and call them clowns. Nobody under the scrutiny will ever be worthy, yourself included. You likely never met the candidate nor know them personally, so it’s hard to say. So do you simply make a choice of no choice? That’s foolish. Use your best judgement with people skills and view their track record. Make an educated decision. Vote. THEN HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE. That simple. Don’t trust any of them? Then you take the task. And watch how you’ll be called corrupt and a clown and we’ll see if you have the grit and courage to push forward. I dare those who choose to not fulfill their duty as a citizen to serve. 👏🏽

BTW, add me if you’re a Switch Fan and hop online quite a bit. 🙂

Good Saturday morning! This past week has been a REAL long week for myself alongside many people I know. It has been a tough look given the state of the current economy here in the United States. Many people have lost their jobs while several more are working from home. On top of that, mostly everyone “feels” stuck inside, which has created a receipt for depression and other issues.

So today, we just wanted to take some time to just be cool. Reminisce, if you will, on some good times and fun things we do inside. There’s no agenda or message here. It’s just a couple of dudes having an open, spontaneous conversation while others chime in.

So if you are really looking for something meaning, my Podcast today doesn’t really offer this. However, if you are just looking to unplug, have some fun, and take a trip down memory lane, then by all means, join us!

Good Sunday morning everyone and let me start off by giving you a language alert on this one! Normally we keep things pretty clean but you know, when it’s a fireside chat, it is what it is. And I certainly don’t want to take away from the context but I do want to throw out that warning.

With that being said, I had the pleasure to spend some time talking with Jonathan Wood, a great human being and colleague. No agenda. No rules. Just quarantined and chill.

Photo by Daniele Levis Pelusi on Unsplash

What is going on with all this confusion and nay saying?! In this Podcast, I wanted to discuss a few things- even if it’s just my voice as I struggled to get anyone this late to join me. Here are some of the thoughts I solely discussed and would LOVE to hear your insights and feedback on:

  • Nintendo Switch Services went down- game night’s important during my social distancing ya’ll
  • Zoom (amongst others) really struggled to keep up
  • Does Trump’s privileged past make it hard for him to embrace empathy
  • Why do we always blame the media
  • Should we broadcast false information if it comes from a newsworthy and high official

I kept it a bit brief and hope to hear some feedback from you all on your experiences and insights. You know where to reach me: @Terrance_Blount HERE, or there’s my email too:

The Coronavirus is a silent threat.

There’s so much going on as we speak. I invited my friend, Makua (who I have worked with for many years) to have an open discussion with me. There is also a lot of misinformation out there, so PLEASE do your due diligence and make sure to follow the CDC and their recommendations, which can be found here:

Otherwise, enjoy, and I will be back later today with some more information while being a bit more granular on the topics at hand.


Self Driving,  Card, and Pro Recording

Right before the Thanksgiving Holiday, I was able to speak with Jared Gault, a long time friend, that I have somewhat lost touch with. I met him when I was working for MarketSource during my tenure on the Nokia program and I could tell from a very young age that he’s going to be super talented. As a matter of fact, it was Jared originally who turned me onto  as I begin to diversify my personal tech journey. I will spare you all the details, however, I was an extreme die-hard Nokia fan and without ever using  , was a complete hater. So thank you Jared for helping me open up my mind even when I thought I was in that open space when it came to tech.

Without further ado, during this podcast, we tackled some thoughts on autonomous driving,  Card, and even how recording on your phone has come a long way producing studio-like quality. The audio will be a little challenging in the beginning seeing Jared was on a long car journey. I wanted to seize the moment as it has been a bit since I have posted.

Do note my kid came through a few times, so I do apologize for that audio disrupt. The #Dadlife is real you all and now having a newborn at home, I have to get it done when I can. 🙂