Awe man, this app hasn’t been kind to my face ya’ll! But Jeremy… you look like your Grandpa! But anyhow…

We are playing a bit of catch up in anticipation to so much coming down the pipeline . We wanted to discuss the FaceApp and why it’s blown out of proportion while yet Privacy is still a concern. Not to mention (yet again) Trump’s tweets. Sigh….


Posting up a little late BUT wanted to get this out there for you all!

Enjoy the show and tomorrow I will provide better notes πŸ“ as we have been recording very late and editing even later. (Regarding the next show we just recorded ending after midnight πŸ•› July 18, 2019)

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Certainly we are living in interesting times. Hopefully you’ll find this podcast the same as we dive into these discussions:

  • BMW’s Boss is out because… Tesla
  • Trump’s version of the 4th July
  • Beta Testing the public… good… or bad


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  • @Terrance_Blount and @Imahockeyguy
  • moderator-nightmares.m4a

    Been a pretty long time since I have uploaded any content! So I at the very last minute decided it was time to tackle a few topics.

    I was fortunate enough to have Jermey Thompson join me to discuss a few topics:

    • Moderators who have to view online, flagged content and the affects on their mental health
    • Nike Betsy Ross controversy
    • Free Speech online

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    Good morning β˜€οΈπŸ˜ƒπŸŒž LinkedIn!! Here’s a honest and deep look into how we often take #Publicshaming too far without thinking of the mistakes we have made and the lives that can be destroyed in the process.

    Just to be clear, this has everything to do with the work space and harassment. In the age of the internet, the lines are blurred and I personally see this as an example of how we can all be better. To understand we all have made silly mistakes and have done βœ… idiotic things that we aren’t proud of. It doesn’t mean you should stay down or disappear as there are paths forward.

    Feel free to share your thoughts and I hope they are #PostiveVibes and enlightening.