All I can say is WOW. I mean, I get it. People have relationships with coworkers. No surprise when you spend the majority of your time with those individuals. To pressure people into sexual acts (and he used his position to do so) is just wrong.

Glad to see these guys being called out. Reading this article, I think the one thing (even though there were many shocking ones) that made my jaw drop was the mentioned of ‘being his property.’ Just… wow. No words.

What are your thoughts in what’s happening around the world with the #MeToo movement?

😭 ❀️ Just nobody in the current line up like him. Not even close.

The comedian recalled the time McCain joined Jamie Foxx on the Apollo Theater stage, where he did the robot dance during a charity event: “[H]e looks so alive and so happyβ€”it looked like so much fun.”
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Sad to see John McCain has passed away. We may not always agree πŸ’― with what any individual does, but to me, he was a great human being. πŸ’” ❀️ ✌🏽

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) died Saturday after a battle with brain cancer, his office announced, just four days shy of his 82nd birthday.
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