Time to Reminisce

BTW, add me if you’re a Switch Fan and hop online quite a bit. 🙂

Good Saturday morning! This past week has been a REAL long week for myself alongside many people I know. It has been a tough look given the state of the current economy here in the United States. Many people have lost their jobs while several more are working from home. On top of that, mostly everyone “feels” stuck inside, which has created a receipt for depression and other issues.

So today, we just wanted to take some time to just be cool. Reminisce, if you will, on some good times and fun things we do inside. There’s no agenda or message here. It’s just a couple of dudes having an open, spontaneous conversation while others chime in.

So if you are really looking for something meaning, my Podcast today doesn’t really offer this. However, if you are just looking to unplug, have some fun, and take a trip down memory lane, then by all means, join us!

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