Predictions… and 🍷

We wanted to take a moment to reflect and make some predictions prior to Mueller’s testimony. Clearly this has already happened BUT this is taken from a FaceBook Live video and we’ll follow-up here on Wednesday, July 31st, 2019.

So 👀… we realize President Trump goes on his rampages on Twitter and we thought it was interesting what he said about 🇦🇫. Some things shouldn’t be said, however, and it can be dangerous in the game he plays.

Specifically, don’t be distracted. There’s certainly a lot going on. Some things said. Keep your 👂 open to the context and the message in between.

Looking forward to a most robust post to discuss what has happened afterwards and what it REALLY means. Well, what it means and some predictions, of course.

As always, we’re curious to hear 👂 your thoughts 💭!