Happy Birthday SJ and Throw Backs!

41Y7WTKH8KL._SY450_Ahhhh… My VERY first smartphone that I owned and bought BEFORE you could get it here in the United States. I was OBSESSED! Even then, I don’t think that word begins to describe how strongly I felt about Nokia phones in the day.

3446_05During this particular podcast, we wanted to not only wish the one and only Steve Jobs (bless up) a Happy Birthday, but cover his polarizing character while showing appreciation for what he has done for the technology industry. As you see above, at the time, I was heavily involved in Nokia and had two phones: the Nokia 7710 and Nokia N95 8GB Edition. At the time, they were far ahead of the game.

51Vme0c5GRLLooking back from today’s standpoint, not only was Nokia truly ahead, but they were also damned to trip up from too many chefs in the kitchen. A shame really; they were far ahead of their time while also not being willing to get out of their own way.

Without further ado, enjoy the audio and let me know what you think as well in the comments. Have a GREAT Friday everyone!

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