Freestyle: Are You Feeling Overlooked?

I wanted to try something just a little differently this go round. Usually I prefer to be a bit structured and allow a flow of thoughts within the moment; this time, I wanted to be a bit rogue and just “feel” it. I’ll call this the “Freestyle” post that I look forward to doing more so in the near future. (a little more background noise, yes, with less audio equipment)

I have been inspired by many people over the past few weeks and a common theme that kept coming up during conversations revolved around feeling overlooked. Inadequate. Insufficient, lacking, substandard, useless…inferior. Well, none of us should perceive ourselves this way although there will always be that looming feeling deep down.

Here, I wanted to openly discuss it and ask ourselves some tough questions. Are you working your parameters? Are you in front of the right people? Are you doing work YOU believe in? Do you even have the stamina to make it in the long run? What are you willing to risk?

Listen with me as we dive into those thoughts and as always, would LOVE to hear yours.

  • Quote: “You’re imperfect, and your wired for struggle, but you are worthy of love and belonging.” – Brene Brown

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