The Traveling Life

There’s something about travel that really rings home to the heart of exploration. It’s something that despite the advantage of modern life, many seldom take action.

Perhaps some are afraid. And that’s completely understandable. We humans like consistency and the idea of inserting ourself into the unknown can be scary as hell. To take yourself out of your routine and comfort zone is certain to shock any normal person. The unknown is typically associated with negatively due to sheer survival. I often wonder if this sort of thing separates those who achieve great life achievements vs those who prefer to stay in their box.

Fear in and of itself is pretty vague. There’s no context to the word fear. Perhaps anxiety of planning is paralysis to many. It could also be due to family. Missing those you love with that slight fear in the back of your mind that you may never see them again. Perhaps you fear the worst of getting stuck or snatched up by a group of people. Another common one is the fear of flying thinking your plane may just take a dip in the ocean (which is scary AF) and talking yourself out of an experience of a lifetime. It is often in our nature to calculate everything that COULD go wrong.

These risks are understandable although I would challenge this: HOW are they really any different than the risks we already take living our very plain, ordinary lives?! Accidents happen all the time and yet, it doesn’t stop most of us from living our lives. Maybe one feels there’s no other choice? Or perhaps it doesn’t even compute in our daily processes. Nonetheless, it’s always there and I don’t see the rational thought of letting any of that slow your personal growth and experiences. I couldn’t have taken these pictures and experienced any of this without being cognizant of all the emotions that play on these decisions.

Children often showcase the lack of fear due to inexperience. The irony is they take the plunge to do things that may be considered dangerous to learn. To explore. To experience experimental activities. Funny we speak of kids high intelligence and it’s as if we adults let our experience dictate everything we do; good or bad. The most difficult thing to learn is unlearning. This is something I can thank my travels for. Despite missing my family, (which I’ll come back to) I have to nurture my inner child. My desire to explore and learn. For when that day comes that my time is up on this blue marble, regret won’t plague my thoughts allowing me to cherish each moment.

We live in the best times as human beings (it’s not a perfect world but it also has never been better) and I want to stop and enjoy wherever my feet are planted at the moment. When I’m home, family comes first and I spend my time wisely with them. From state to state and even abroad, I ALWAYS make time to video call and speak with the ones I wouldn’t hesitate to give my life to.

When I am with my colleagues or alone, I take the time to soak up every second of these amazing experiences that map out my life. It’s these times that help define who I am and I wouldn’t displace these moments for any others. I respect those who can literally go anywhere their heart desires, regardless of the designation.

Here’s to great exploration and I wish you all the best in your life journey. Remember the world is at your feet, wherever you choose to stand so long as you take a stance. 😎❤️✈️

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