Coffee or Tea?!

Mocha Moe's Coffee.jpg

As I sit down to do some work this morning I think to myself “Coffee or Tea?!” My mind is certainly clear and I’m well rested and energized this morning BUT I want something to drink in the coffee shop while I work. The issue for me (and wondering if this is true for you) is that coffee can literally cause me to get anxious. Like, I literally cannot sit still for long and feel the need to do more and more and more as if I cannot possibly finish anything. Where tea, on the other hand, is more calming to me.

It seems obvious that the answer for me should be tea. I choose tea much more often now for this reason. However, coffee has a great affect at times for my productivity and now I’m trying to find the proper balance between the two.

Am I alone here on this particular issue with coffee?! Regardless of whichever way you lean, sound off here (or Twitter: Terrance_Blount ) and let me know! Happy New Year and Happy Monday (er, Tuesday) while cheers to a GREAT week!


  1. Lately tea has been my jam! I often use sleepy time blends. It helps me slow down my thoughts, focus, and get creative. Some people claim it can make you sleepy but it really gets down to the environment you’re in.

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    1. I will have to look that up! Been on a šŸµ kick for sure and intend on keeping this one going. I like the idea of the Sleepy Time Blend and will follow up with you when I try some. šŸ˜Ž


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